The Blue Bandito hijacks the Modern Spanish Guitar, and Steals the hearts of music lovers with his "Bandito Blues".  ARIMO is... Mario Torrez.

Arimo has studied traditional & Non-traditional Spanish guitar. Such as, Classical, Spanish guitar, and Music of South America. Including contemporary guitar styles such as Rock & Blues. He is an Arranger, Composer, and Singer Songwriter of his own style and breed of music, the "Bandito Blues".

Arimo was introduced to the Spanish guitar through his Mexican American family roots. At the age of five he began singing and playing along with the guitar. While growing up in Chicago, Arimo was exposed to the

musical diversity of both Chicago and Milwaukee. Classical, Jazz, Blues, and Rock filled the the Lake Michigan waterfront.  

At the age of eleven Arimo began studying Classical guitar in England. His education included both Classical and Contemporary Blues Rock. While traveling Europe

he was exposed to the Gypsy music of Belgium, France, Luxemburg, and the Netherlands.

Having attended College in the United States, he continued his musical education in Classical guitar,

Finger Style guitar, Spanish guitar, and the Music

of South America.  Mario Torrez

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